Tech Issue

Hi there,

I have an account that I set up forwarding for
to forward to

This is set up for my website ( which the DNS are with Cloudflare.

For some reason its not working and I believe its because I had set up forwarding at godaddy before changing the DNS to you so now the previous forwarding rule came with the DNS over to Cloudflare.

How do I fix this?

Do I have to return the DNS to godaddy, remove the forwarding, and then back to Cloudflare again and reset the forwarding again?

There’s no DNS record for “prime”. Try this to get your Page Rule to work:

Thank you for this I’ll try it!


Hey there,

I tried this but it’s still not working.

For that matter, my site isn’t working either - only with the “www”

See attached

htmusicnow’s IP addresses are wrong. Those are Cloudflare IP addresses. They’re supposed to be the hosting server’s IP addresses. And it really should just be one “A” record for each hostname with that IP address.

At the bottom of that DNS page, are the name servers Jermaine and Joyce?


Ok I moved my DNS back to Godaddy. But now my subdomain that I had set up forwarding rules for isn’t forwarding

Basically, I am trying to setup forwarding for a url and I’m getting an error that has something to do with Cloudflare.

The site was recently deleted from my Cloudflare account along with the forwarding rule but it seems that somehow it is still tied to Cloudflare.

The url I am trying to forward is


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