Tech issue 502 Error

Well, if you do not use Amazon S3 or at all, you are free to remove that DNS records.

Now when I visit the or, both of them returns the 404 page from the host/origin server either due to the application routing or something else, but it is working over HTTPS.

Moreover your main domain also returns some 404 not found from the amazon server as you have an record CNAME pointed to amazon.

  • either it should be an CNAME pointed to your hosting
  • or an A and A www both pointed to your hosting IP address and both being :orange: cloud

May I ask which one? I do not see 502 error anymore.

I see you have an MX record pointed to, but you do not have an A mailhost record pointed to an IP address of your e-mail service provider (or it is the same as yoru hosting) - which should be :grey: cloud (DNS only).