.TECH Domain renewal with Cloudflare?

I’ve seen the absurd renewal price for a .TECH domain I registered for free recently. Even before using it, I’m searching for info that (1) tells me the right pricing for renewals and (2) the best registrar that offers that, but I’m finding some difficulty in getting my hands on it.

I definitely don’t want to be locked into a domain that will eat me to the bones in renewals. I’ve heard good things about CF in this matter, but need to know 3 charges applicable to .TECH TLD’s: Registry’s (Radix in this case), CloudFare’s and ICANN’s.

I appeciate your help.


If you can specify the source of the infos, I’ll apprecite 100 times.

Someone did provide the list of domain prices in Cloudflare (thanks @Judge):

35 USD for .tech domain. Cheaper than other registrars when it comes to renewal.

But do take note that you can’t switch to other nameservers once you transfer your domain to Cloudflare Registrar.

Awesome, Eric! Does CF charge any markup for being the registrar?

US$ 500 for a .theatre domain! :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

If that’s too cheap

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Cloudflare does not add markup on domains

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Wow. Double the price.

Bad dad.

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