Tebex Custom Domain won't work

Hey there, I’ve set up a Custom Domain for my Tebex Store, and it works for the first 5/10 minutes, then the site can’t be reached. I bought the Domain from Namecheap and I’m pretty sure I’ve transferred it over to Cloudflare correctly, and I think I’ve got the Records set up correctly but honestly I’m out of my depth with this kind of stuff, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Transferred as in set the nameservers to Cloudflare, or transferred to Cloudflare Registrar?

Can you share the domain, and the records you have configured?

Did you follow the How To Create The DNS Record Within CloudFlare DNS section of the Tebex documentation?


I think I found the issue, because I bought the domain in the last 60 days? When I go to Cloudflare and click the [Transfer to Cloudflare] button, it tells me that the “Transfer Conditions not met”. Would the fact I bought the domain in the last 60 days be why?

Here are my DNS records, I wasn’t sure what IP to put for the root one?

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