Tebex custom domain issue

I connected my tebex Minecraft webstore to my domain using CNAME record which was provided by tebex.
After connecting it showed me this when i go to the website.
Is there any way that i can solve this

Make sure the CNAME record is set to “DNS only” as Tebex appears to use Cloudflare.

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i tried it to connect to store.example.com instead of root. and now its working.
is there a way that i can add it to root
it shows me this when i add root…and its not even connecting to tebex

No, a CNAME can’t exist at the root. Cloudflare allows you to create one for your convenience, but it will always be flattened and return an A or AAAA record in order to meet that requirement. If your provider needs to validate the CNAME exists (they seem to be using Cloudflare for SaaS) then it can’t work.

You can redirect the root domain to store on Cloudflare if you want your domain to point at your store.

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