TeamSpeak with CloudFlare

Hi, i have couple domains connected to Cloudflare. 2 of them are pointing to other machines, where teamspeak is not located. How to change these 2 domains to connect to the teamspeak server?

Have you read through this thread?

I saw that, but i don’t want to use subdomains to connect to my teamspeak sever.

I’ve not used Teamspeak, so I don’t know it it can run on the root domain. @MarkMeyer might have some insight into this.

Not pretty sure and i can’t try this atm.

Adding an SRV Record without a domain will automatically add the root. so

_ts3._udp. is replaced with

Since SRV records redirect to another domain on a specific destination port, you need a sub domain or another root. But it should be worth a try to add the follwing records:

SRV: 0 0 9987

Then wait a few minutes and try to connect to
But it may also work without a sub.
I may be totally wrong. It’s late here… :sleeping:

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