Teamspeak through cloudflare

I read an amazing tutorial on how to setup teamspeak with cloudflare: Teamspeak Setup

However there is 1 flaw. The tutorial says you have to use a subdomain in order for it to work. I do not want to use a subdomain for my teamspeak server. I want to use my regular domain and forward it to port 9987. How would this be configured on cloudflare without using a subdomain? I know it works because I have seen teamspeak servers use cloudflare and they do not have subdomain.

I’m not sure I’d call that a flaw, but @MarkMeyer can speak to that!

It looks like this conversation has come up only a bit on this site, and a lot on the teamspeak community, The question may be better asked there, if it’s not been discussed already,

Post back a link to your thread there so we can track progress.

Hi @elkm9wo, can you please share the link to your post where you asked this question on the teamspeak forum? Can you share your SRV record name and port?

We’re curious as to how those that use teamspeak address this issue.

I have not asked this question on the teamspeak forum. From what I can tell, it is impossible to register for a new account on the teamspeak forum…

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I’d like to try and replicate the issue you’re having

Haha, I had never actually tried SRV record for the domain to be honest. But I tried it now. I set the same SRV record for the domain as I did for the subdomain. And it actually worked!
Name of the SRV record: mydomainname
Port: 9987
Protocol: UDP

I had just assumed that it did not work because the tutorial said you have to use subdomain.

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Now there is 1 flaw that I actually think can not be solved. As the tutorial points out, when a visitor connects to your server they can see the teamspeak servers origin IP adress. This is because traffic is not proxied through cloudflare, only the dns record is on cloudflare.
I tried proxying the traffic through cloudflare but I do not think this is possible. Cloudflare say they only proxy http traffic. The only solution I see so far is Enterprise Clouflare spectrum…

That’s their (Teamspeak) server, right? Is there a reason you’re trying to proxy it? Or Teamspeak self-hosted?

well, ddos protection/anonymity.