Teamspeak SRV still working?

I can’t seem to get the _TS3 SRV record to work, I’ve followed the guide, all the settings seem to be correct but I still cannot connect on or

I’ve opened up TCP ports 10011, 30033, 41144 and UDP port 9987

Domain and IP changed for screenshots only.

I’m not new to DNS but I cannot figure this out at all, is the _TS3 service still permitted on free plans?


You can’t have the Teamspeak subdomain on Cloudflare due to the ports not being supported as proxied.

If you set :grey: the ts3 subdomain it will work. The problem is not the SRV record.

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Yeah I’ve read that but this article from earlier this year seems to state that it works, I’ve read that Cloudflare allow exceptions for _ts3 SRV records: Teamspeak Setup

We have to ask @MarkMeyer then…

As far as I know the ports that work are these:

Seems you found a mistake in the tutorial. Sorry fot that.

Change the name of your SRV record from to _ts3._udp.ts3

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