TeamSpeak doesn't work


I have followed several tutorials and my rule doesn’t work:

_ts3_udp.ts. SRV 1 1 9987

With a TTL of 2 minutes.

Can’t access my teamspeak with the address

Furthermore I have set (which works):
A points to

Is service name very important _whateverDoesn’tDependsOfTheServerSoftware ?

Do we need to match components such as service name and name: example: service name: _ts3 and name: ts3 or we can change ? Is that the same with target ?

How to check if DNS modification have been applied to our computer ? (A record and SRV record).

I have been experiencing Cloudflare for a week but I can’t make a rule work for connecting my TeamSpeak server with

Thank you appears to be behind Cloudflare (:orange:) but I don’t believe Cloudflare will proxy teamspeak traffic so should be :grey:.

Thank you,

Does the gray cloud protects me from ddos ?

If not, could Cloudflare protect my TeamSpeak serveur from DDOS ? If so, how ?

With this SRV record you need to set up a sub domain:

A Record to your TS IP: 123.456.789.001
works on :orange:
Be aware to use the correct port in your SRV record. 9987 is default.
Afaik this only works with this combination. Teamspeak 3 was an exception for non http traffic proxied through Cloudflare.

Yes I know. It needs an update :joy:


Thanks a lot MarkMeyer, it works now I changed service name for _ts3 instead of _ts… Do you know if that was a bug or the service name really matters ? If so, where can we find a service name list ?

Thank you

As far as i remember i found a post directly from Cloudflare a few years ago that explained how to
set up Teamspeak with Cloudflare saying that they were asked for TS protection so many times and they’ve made an exception for TS3 (only). Perhaps because TS2 was about to die anyway.

My guess is that CF expects and accepts _ts3. only and throws away all other traffic which is non http.
Which makes sense to me since it might be possible to proxy other traffic like SMTP, SSH, FTP and so on the same way. This was not wanted.

Appeal: since there’s Spectrum: please don’t touch this TS “feature”. :wink:

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Ok fine, so I can’t define a Cloudflare SRV rule for the server (using UDP and TCP) software I coded ?

Nope. But there’s “Spectrum” which allows you to proxy anything. Unfortunately it seems that you need to buy a dedicated IP from Cloudflare

Nice, but does it hide our address IP ? Is it like a SRV record ? And how to manage with UDP without using a SRV record ?

Your origin, yes. It’s a proxy.

Spectrum is TCP only.

Thanks but is there any service provide by Cloudflare which hide our origin IP and protect us from DDOS ?

It’s all about hide & protect

Use the SRV record to protect your TS server, your website or any other service with Spectrum.
The visitor / attacker will only see Cloudflare IPs.

You could also protect other services provided via your origin IP with Argo Tunnel.

The problem is that I need to hide my IP to prevent DDOS, for instance with SRV it isn’t enough because with such a following command about my game server Minecraft, it is possible to find my IP: dig srv

Your IP will be hidden but this SRV record doesn’t work until you use Spectrum which is a billed feature. What I don’t know is, if the ports for Minecraft are supported.

Argo Tunnel is a second feature to protect your origin IP from directly targeted DDoS attacks.

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