Teams - Understanding when or if I need a pro account

  1. I am using the Cloudflare Teams Gateway Free plan on our home network and with all the smart devices etc in the house we have about 40 devices in total (so under 50 devices) which we all share.
    I’m confused between the difference between seats, devices and users. We just need to protect the entire network using a teams gateway using 1 blanket set of rules for everyone on all devices. Is this possible using the free plan or do I need to upgrade?

  2. I realise there is a total of 5,000 DNS queries per day so how do I actually check the exact amount we are collectively using so I know where we stand?

  3. And leading on from this, what happens if/when the 5,000 queries are reached - do DNS queries continue to work but without protection / filtering etc?

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You might also benefit from check our Developers page for Teams:


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