Teams Minimum Licensing Level

Is there a minimum amount of Teams Standard Licenses you need to buy? We are a small team, and the added security such as browser isolation add-on would be beneficial for our workflow and to meet security requirements of a few of our customers who have sensitive rules about what can connect directly to machines.

If you can purchase a small number (say 10), does that mean that total licenses in Teams becomes 5 or 55? are the free ones still there and the 5 are just used for the extra features or first come first served every month?

Hi there - With Cloudflare for Teams, there are no minimum purchase requirements for seats. You can simply add the number of seats you want to your cart and checkout. With our Free plan you would get up to 50 seats, but if you’re looking at a paid plan you’ll pay for each seat individually. If you’re looking to use Browser Isolation, you’ll want to start with either Teams Standard or Teams Gateway. You can learn more about features and pricing here as well:

cc: @tobezuk

Probably meant Standard or Enterprise. And at those, I don’t think you get the first 50 free, considering the extra features.

On top of that, it looks like Browser Isolation is $10/user on the Standard plan. And some other pricing model for Enterprise plan. So at minimum, it looks like $17/user per month.

Good catch. I should have said Teams Standard, Teams Gateway, or Teams Enterprise :slight_smile: