Teams - Lists. Add to block Policy?

I have created a lists of hosts which I want to block. I cannot see in the policy setup how to add the list. Under Policies - DNS Hosts > Operator/In List nothing appears. Any pointers?

Also and may be separate. In a Policy I have set to block the usual categories and since the recent interface / method changes I zero blocks recorded. Previously blocking was working fine.

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I have the same issue. Was working great for weeks, now no blocking is happening! :worried:

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@thescotsman are you able to add a Gateway tag to this post? Maybe they will be able to help us. I still have this issue. Has yours resolved?

Still doesnt work - logs and graphing show, allow, fine. Good shout re: tag, which I have now added.

Same issue im having. i cant find a way to allow/block dns requests based on hostnames unless i make a new policy for each hostname. It also doesnt appear to be properly logging requests if they do match…this seemed to break when the shift to “DNS New” happened. Would love a status on this functionality.

Hi. on Cloudflare for Teams I can’t create DNS Policy with Lists to block some domains on my network, I used DNS Policy with lists before, but I deleted it and now I can’t create new dns policy with lists, I have uploaded CSV file on Configuration>Lists page, but when I trying to create dns policy with “DNS Host > in list”, I see “No list of this type exists” value, I have this problem last few days, can anyone help me?

Thanks for reporting this - I see the same thing too on my account. I will report internally.


In addition to the custom Lists, Policies are not blocking eirher. And, they were before the recent changes. Allow etc are being logged and graphed.

@thescotsman your rules will requires maches on content AND security values to be triggered. This shouldn’t be in the same rule as the system currently is designed (without an “OR” operator)

any idea when this is going to be addressed?

I would expect this will be looked at today but will let you know.

That worked - cheers!

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I see the lists are now showing, which is great.
I am still having an issue where the logging doesn’t show and the allow and/or block polices im adding just aren’t doing what they should be.

Lists look to be working, and blocking.

Yeah, looks to be working on my end too.
I have an “allowed domains” policies that appears to be working but is not logging against the collect policy @simon
Its approving the domains i list, but its not showing as being something that the policy is doing.

Hi @mlang can you confirm what you are checking and what you are seeing? A screenshot and some examples is useful for us.

When you say “not logging against the correct policy” do you mean it’s being logged but in the wrong place - or not being logged at all?

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