Teams Gateway Free DNS Query Limit

I am using the Cloudflare Teams Gateway Free plan on our home network to block inappropriate websites. I want to put Cloudflare’s DNS server numbers from our dashboard into our router so that our whole network will be protected. However, on the Cloudflare Teams website, under Seat Enforcement, it says that each user seat is allocated 5,000 DNS queries per day. If I set this up on my router, I would have no idea how many queries all our devices may make.

I set up myself and my wife as users for the Warp client. However, if I put this on our router, we won’t need the Warp client, anymore. However, the dash says we have 2/50 users.

My question is this: If I put Cloudflare’s DNS addresses on our router and we make much more than 5,000 DNS queries per day, would Cloudflare bill us, degrade our service, or terminate our service? The documentation I am reading is found:

I am not sure when DNS queries would be counted or why they would do this.

Thanks so much!

This came up recently:

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