Teams Gateway DNS rules issue for Domain by matching on a List

Hi, I had a previous setup DNS rule that matches a domain from Lists but right now, it’s no longer working 'cos that option isn’t available which lead me to use Hostname. Hostname rule isn’t the same with Domain as it not matches the subdomain so everything is broken now. Is there any way to fix this or a workaround?

I upgrade to Standard Plan just to contact support but it says “Your plan type grants you access to Support via our Cloudflare Community”. It doesn’t make sense that the plan includes support chat & email.

Hi @johnchlark,

Not sure on the answer to your question, I’ll tag @pzimmerman on that.

As for support, you are correct that Teams Standard includes email and chat support. Currently, I believe you have to get the live chat manually enabled via a ticket before you can access it.
As for the ticket, can open one specifically about not being able to access support or live chat. Please post the ticket number here and I can get it escalated, even if it’s closed.

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Thank you, @domjh!

Let me explain it further the Domain expression for DNS policy. Originally, matching the expression with the Lists is supported and when I tried to update policy, it says it’s invalid expression so I change it to Host rather Domain but Host selector is different from Domain as it doesn’t match against a domain and all subdomains but it only match against only the hostname specified. So, it breaks the policy I setup to block a domain and its subdomain.

Is this an intentional change on Cloudflare for Teams? If yes, it is harder for me to manage DNS policy that block or allow a domain and its subdomain as the new setup needs to setup all possible hostname.

Here’s the ticket number 2222433, it also includes another issue on iOS but it is not related to this topic.

Here is the screenshot.
CleanShot 2021-08-05 at 09.27.35

DevDocs says Domain will block subdomains also:

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Yes, that’s right but you can’t match it with the List.

Hi @johnchlark can you try deleting and re-adding the rule?

Can also confirm facing same issue rulesets for domains is no longer accessing Lists or has In List option anymore and the rule which previously was built became void for some reason.

@pzimmerman, can’t try it out since I can no longer access Gateway to update the policies as it says “An unexpected error occured. Please refresh and try again.” since yesterday. RAY ID is “67ae700c08a43c5e-HKG” and I also reported to support on the same ticket #2222433.

As you can see in the attached (GIF) file, it says “An unexpected error occured. Please refresh and try again.” and also I tried adding expression on the domain with a list, not working compare before.
CleanShot 2021-08-07 at 15.18.19


so any update when this Domain “in list” policy disappearence will be fixed ?