Teams Gateway DNS Policy override an internal DNS

I am testing Teams Gateway as a replacement for VPN. I was told, I could setup a DNS(New) Policy to override an internal DNS request for server.domain.local, however when I look at DNS request logs on the WARP client, I don’t even see it capture the request. Is there a configuration change I need to have the WARP client pick up the request?

Additionally this would be a lot easier if I could configure some type of conditional forwarder within cloudflare that if a resource was looking to resolve a host on a specific domain to forward the request to my internal domain controller. I am not even sure how this is not a problem for a lot of people if they are using Teams for Cloudflare to replace a traditional VPN.

Any help would be much appreciated.

By default .local is excluded from queries sent to Teams for resolution.


Settings | Network | Local Domain Fallback

… remove .local

Yes. Yes it absolutely would. You are :100: correct. We are working on adding that feature (possibly in the same place as local domain fallback is configured now). There are a few interesting bits we want to try and get right, not just for this specific use case but a couple of other very legit use cases as well.

Big enough feature that when it’s released I’m sure we’ll write a blog post about it. I apologize we don’t have it yet. I totally recognize the current workaround has some challenges and we’re looking to deliver the feature you’re specifically asking for here along with potentially a couple of other new features which will hopefully result in you giving us a :golf: :clap: when they are released.

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Thank you. That appears to work. I look forward to the other feature releases. I would love to roll this out, but I am still not 100% sure it is workable in this state, but I will keep trying.


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