Teams gateway dashboard issue on warp

The gateway policies / analytics / lists are not loading at all when connected via warp client and has been this way for me since quite some time seems like a bug please check.

See below

I am unable to reproduce this issue; I would suggest to open a support ticket with Cloudflare Support and include below details,

  1. Warp Diag
  • Open C:\Program Files\Cloudflare\Cloudflare WARP in Explorer.
  • Double click on warp-diag.exe.This will place a on the users desktop
  1. Header trace while you are able to reproduce the issue, save the file as .har file.

I’m experiencing an identical issue – essentially, we need to disable WARP/Teams in the system tray to use most things in the ‘Cloudflare for Teams’ dashboard… and even this community forum haha!

well i submitted all the above suggested info already so hopefully they will figure out the bug soon as it is quite annoying.

Interestingly, it’s now working fine for me. Only changes I made were installing the latest version of uBlock Origin (even though I had it toggled off) and updating Edge to the latest. I wonder if Cloudflare may have fixed it :open_mouth:

Still no solution my teams policies and lists refuse to load up in the dashboard.

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