Teams Dashboard unavailable with new account

I’ve tried with Chromium, Iridium, and Firefox on OpenBSD, and Firefox on RHEL 8.5, with identical results between them. No matter how I attempt to access the Teams dashboard ( I get put through a redirect from[account ID] to[random hex shenanigans] to[more random hex] which lands on a page with the Cloudflare logo, an hrule, the text Error: and nothing else. The page source is of course full of minimized JS, so who knows whats actually happening there.

I have tried this multiple times, with different browsers, different OSes, different internet connections. I’ve tried multiple workaround found on here suggested by strangers and Cloudflare team members alike to no affect.

Anyone have any fresh insight into this?

The flow looks like you made it all the way through, but hit a display issue.

Just the two “more fun than usual” boxes? How about one less interesting, like MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS?

Same issue on Android 12, to the last detail. I don’t run Windows or anything Apple, nor do I have ready access to them. While OpenBSD is kind of an outlier, not being functional on RHEL is unexpected.

Edit: Found a Windows eval ISO and spun up a VM. The latest version of Brave (Chromium based browser) yields identical results. The latest version of Microsoft Edge (also actually Chromium) gives yet more of the same.

This is not an issue local to me. This doesn’t work on apparently any browser or OS.

Occasionally there can be an entitlement lag. If it persists, email [email protected] and ask them to sync entitlements.

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Just get a “Give us money” e-mail, which I’m not about to do if I can’t even access the relevant systems. The whole point of this evolution is to find out if I want to give them money in the first place. So, can anyone besides [email protected] help with this problem which is evidently with Cloudflare’s infrastructure, or am I up the creek?

We can’t. It needs work on the backend.

Open a ticket and post the relevant ticket number here, we can only escalate it, but it will require team work to fix.

Ticket #2325564. I am unsure if that will actually be of use, since it’s been marked as resolved by the ticketing system, but it is there. Also, thanks to all of you for your help so far.

Yes, it is. The ticket is still there even though it is closed and can be re-opened if needed. I’ve escalated your topic so you should hear back either here or on the ticket.


Thanks again, y’all.

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Thanks for flagging it. Replied in the ticket

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