Teams Dashboard UI Broken

None of my gateway policies are being displayed.

This happened after I spent about 2 hours creating just over 30 DNS override policies. After configuring them and hitting the ‘Create’ button, 9 times out of 10 I would get the below error (Screenshot 1). I noticed that I can ignore the error and return to the DNS policies page and after a short time the policy will appear. However after saving around 30 policies, nothing is now showing up in any of the policies (DNS/Network/HTTP). All I get is the error below (Screenshot 2).

I’ve tested the policies and they are still working for WARP client users. They are just not visible in the Teams UI. I’ve hard refreshed the page countless times, logged out and in, tried many different browsers, and left it overnight for about 10 hours. Still nothing is being displayed. The Teams UI seems very broken to me. Lots of errors and lots of inconsistancies. It’s really hard to tell if actions you take are actually being saved.


  1. Configure new DNS policy with one or multiple hosts
  2. Enter an Override IP address
  3. Click the Create button. Error thrown (Screenshot 1)
  4. Click the ‘Back to DNS policies’ button. At this point the UI says ‘You will lose any changes made to this policy’. I ignore this and click the ‘Leave’ button
  5. When the DNS policies page loads, after about 10 seconds the policy appears
  • Note. After creating 30 or so policies, nothing is now being displayed (Screenshot 2)

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2

@swilliams thank you for flagging this. My name is Abe and I’m the PM for the Teams Dash. I’m curious to find out what is causing this issue. Would you mind submitting a support ticket with a .har file and tagging me in the ticket?

We can probably mark this as resolved. The CF engineering team were informed and seem to have fixed the issue now. I’m not getting these errors anymore.

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