Teams Dashboard Errors and not saving

I have had a error for months when trying to save new policies in Teams and change settings. For example, if I create new policy, I hit save and after a few seconds, it comes up error saving at the bottom. If I then re-save it, it says a duplicate name exists.

Latest error is the new settings page, If I try and toggle on the Activity logging, it comes up Saved successfully then the toggle goes back to disabled.

Im assuming this isn’t normal behaviour? I have managed to work around the policy issue, but the fact that now I cant actually toggle anything and the settings save seem a bit concerning. I have tried multiple browsers, no plugins or blockers. Any suggestions to fix?

Glad to see I’m not the only one that has observed this behavior. I just posted a msg to one of my threads with the same observation around the Activity Logging setting.

Have you noticed that despite Activity Logging being disabled, that it is still logging DNS lookup’s etc.? I would have expected with logging disabled that DNS look ups would stop being logged.

Yes, when testing the activity was still being logged. Not sure if this is a new feature that’s been poorly implemented? I generally have issues with the teams dashboard constantly, the saving of toggles as mentioned, the saving and changing of policy always errors but has actually gone through. As its a security product, worrying with all the errors if the changes are actually going through correctly.

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