Teams Connectivity Issues with a cloudflared Tunnel

I use Teams and cloudflared to access a home server (private IP) from Android for about six months. I periodically have issues where Teams has issues connecting (“Connecting” state or “Waiting for network”) that I usually can resolve by pausing/unpausing teams. While away from home yesterday, I was unable to access my home server. The tunnel appeared to be up since I could access the server via a browser using Google authentication. The DNS log did not show anything interesting. I displayed and uploaded the console log to OneDrive. I have had no success displaying the Boringtun log.

I still had issues when I returned home and connected via WiFi around 14:50 (even on my home LAN, Teams routes traffic through the cloudflared tunnel). I repeatedly tried to send feedback but got “Failed to create request” well into the evening. Pausing/unpausing, stopping/restarting Teams, and rebooting the phone did not make a difference. Again, the DNS log showed nothing interesting, and I uploaded another console log. On the home server, I noticed a lot of “Serve tunnel error error=‘connection with edge closed’” for ORD and IAD but only one for YYZ (successfully recovered) which should be my closest Cloudflare site. I started to notice general Internet connectivity issues in the evening with K-9 mail hanging. Again, rebooted the phone did not make a difference. K-9 started to work fine as soon as I stopped Teams.

This morning, Teams was working fine. When I looked at the uploaded console logs, they started at 2021-12-06 and ended at 2022-01-01. The console log on the phone shows just the last 24 hours. I displayed and used the Share feature a third time - same old data that did not include the most recent information.

Was there an issue with Cloudflare in the Toronto/Ontario/Canada area yesterday? How do I go about saving the Console and Boringtun logs? I installed an app on a Tab S2 device running that will display large text files like Boringtun but saw the same truncated data with the most recent information missing.

Thanks, Norbert

According to the cloudflared log, the last Serve tunnel error error=“connection with edge closed” occurred 2022-01-20T23:56:17Z. I had previously stopped, upgraded cloudflared, and restarted the tunnel at 19:24 - this did not solve the tunnel connection issues.

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