Teams: Choose plan -> add payment broken

Hello, I am unable to save a payment method and choose a teams plan. Looking at the chrome webdev console i see some errors about submitting a captcha but no captcha is displayed on the page.

I see the following:
{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:1293,“message”:“Too much activity on this account. Please submit a captcha with form.”}]}
{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:10000,“message”:“Authentication error”}]}

I tried this on and off my network and using a couple of different browsers and OSs to no avail. Any suggestions?


I am having the same problem. Unable to add a payment method.

Hi @androo and @toriangroup,

Do you have the same issue if you try to add the payment method in the main Cloudflare dashboard, rather than the Teams dash?

On this page →

hello @domjh yes, the same thing happens when i bypass plans and go right to billing to add a payment method. thanks.

Do you have a ticket open about this? If so, can you post the ticket number?

I just created #2183852 a moment ago. tyvm -a

Thanks for that, I have escalated your topic. You should hear back from Cloudflare Support either here or on your ticket.


i have spent 2 hours on this. I would love to become a paying customer. I also opened a ticket.
Your ticket number is: 2183891

this answer is unacceptable. i spent several days watching cloudflare connect talks, our organization is primed to choose cloudflare but i can’t even create a basic account. i’m on day 4 of trying to troubleshoot your payment forms and i haven’t been able to touch your technology.

there is nothing infected on my network, i told you the same thing happens outside of my network. i’m disappointed.


I’m sorry you think so. I do not work for Cloudflare and have no way to resolve this. I have done everything I can here on the community by escalating the issue. I’m afraid you will have to wait for Cloudflare to get back to you now.


i do appreciate that, i’m just closing the loop here for other folks who might be hitting the same barrier. you asked me to create a support ticket and it was automatically resolved. what do you want ME to do? i’m already inside my account, if cloudflare thinks i’m doing something nefarious by correlating residential IP space back to my actions why did they let me in?

farming off support to free resources on a forum and then auto-resolving legit support tickets is a huge red flag to be as the security person administering SaaS services. 2c.

thanks for you help. this is bigger than both of us.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with support. You should be able to reply back to the ticket with more information and explain the issue further, which will re-open it. You can also include a link to this thread if you haven’t already.

Support is mostly done here for free users due to the volume of tickets, but we can still pass issues on to support where needed.

I hope you manage to get this resolved soon.

thanks. i see someone deleted the unhelpful response from the other MVP before i could screencap it. i’ll work through the ticket.

i truly appreciate your help domjh. you the REAL MVP <3

Hi @andro,

I checked your ticket, and it appears that your issue has now been resolved with the assistance of our support team. Please reply to the ticket if you have any further questions or concerns.

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Hi Laurie,

No such luck on this side of the 2183852 ticket. The last update was two days ago. I just tried paying for the (free) plan and it rejected me with the same error. I created an account with my work email address today, same issue. my colleague attempted to create an account as well and hit the same issue from his residence and it failed in the same fashion.


Hi @androo,

Sorry, there is more than one ticket listed above, I have escalated the open ticket to our billing team to address this with you.

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Many thanks to Laurie, domjh and the Support team for their help. I was able to register after entering incognito mode in chrome and selecting paypal. I appreciate your patience. -A


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