Teams Authentication Suuuuucks

So broken is Teams authentication…

Logged into
Click on Teams on right side
Prompted to authenticate


Browsing to using Firefox Private mode or Edge InPrivate results in:

“Error exchanging authentication code”

Hi @ucdscott,

i tink they did have some issues with this recently, not sure if they should be resolved now.
cc @pzimmerman

We released a few fixes over the last couple days. We couldn’t reproduce this just now with Firefox, but @ucdscott can you try again and post here?


Firefox Private (with no add-ons) or Edge InPrivate (no extensions)
Log into with ‘Remember me’ checked
Click on Teams on right side
~>Prompted to authenticate <~
I can then authenticate and am taken to the teams dashboard (but I shouldn’t have to re-auth correct?)

A red error banner on the bottom left is displayed but disappears before I can read it.

Browsing directly to no longer generates the “Error exchanging authentication code”

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