How to resolve Error 1000? Please help me out

Hey! Thank You so much for the reply. Please help me out with this.
This shows DNS points prohibited to IP address.

Please check out

Sorry, I couldn’t understand what you mean

This is my website. How to resolve that Error 1000?

Today Morning I have updated that name servers

Oh, I couldn’t find anything related

No, I couldn’t understand any of it

You need anything? I can show you up. Just help me to fix this out as soon as possible.

Hey, I’m facing the same Problem, Can You help me to deal with it?

I found this using Search, as @sandro suggested:


Trust me, Tried but could not understand properly with my case. I got one domain and 3 sub domains. And all shows the same problem.

Please post a screenshot of your DNS page here with nothing hidden.

That is exactly what the tutorial I linked to advises against. You need to copy the DNS records from your web host. Cloudflare is not your web host.

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