Team: "gateway with warp" vs "gateway with doh"?

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while testing Cloudflare team, I noticed that the warp client on windows 10 provides 2 options after registering the device under the proper subdomain:

what’s the difference between:
:one:Gateway with Warp
:two:Gateway with Doh

Gateway with DoH is DoH based DNS queries either to the Teams DoH subdomain configured or if signed into a Team and no subdomain is configured.

Gateway with Warp provides a secure connection to Cloudflare’s edge using a WireGuard based tunnel to encrypt outbound traffic to Cloudflare’s edge. With the (optional) installation of a certificate on the client and the device enrolled in a Team, you can also perform L7 inspection/filtering and take advantage of other upcoming features such as AV/Malware scanning, DLP, and isolated browsing depending on configured capabilities/plan.

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