Teachable. I messed up my DNS. Can I erase and reinstall it?

I need to make work a Teachable account that has stopped working since the Google Workspace messed up the DNS.
Should I erase the account and reistall it?

Thank you

Do you mean erase the Teachable account or Workspace account or Cloudflare account?
In most case, just fix it.
And which part of Google workspace “mess up” the DNS?

The messed up part of the DNS was on the domain server, which is now fixed. Now I trying to fix cloudflare but really dont know how thats why I think that delete and reinstall is a possibility but I dont know any better

There’s really no “Reset” here. Normally, you’d use DNS records that you have at your host, then copy them over.

But if you’ve made changes to DNS you want to undo, you’d have to check the Audit Log at the top of dash.cloudflare.com. If you click on a log entry, it will show you which data was changed or deleted.

Thats awesome. Thank you so much @sdayman and @huyhoa . Im going to try that out.

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I does not allow me to add a CNAME which is the last line to make it the way it was. Im gonna go crazy

What happens when you try to add a CNAME?

It is NOW fixed. I erased the A and CNAME lines and retyped the whole thing. Thank you for helping me with your response. I will check again if I run into trouble again. Thank you!!!

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