Teachable + Cloudflare = not sure how to set up email

I’m new here (hi!) and need help.

My domain name is associated with a Teachable school. I want to be able to create email addresses with this domain, i.e. [email protected]. I can’t figure out how to forward all email addresses to my gmail account. My domain registrar, Namecheap, and Teachable both say I need to contact Cloudflare.

Is this even possible? If so, is there a video tutorial that will walk me through it? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Cloudflare does not process email. It only supports DNS records that point to the mail server for your domain. I suggest you hit Google for “free email forwarding”


Thanks for giving me some direction. I think my previous searching had been too narrow. I did find a free service that is handling my email forwarding now.

I also finally got Namecheap to tell me how to configure the MX records on Cloudflare so I can send/receive email via my gmail account (my first chat had been unproductive).



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