Teachable: Can't Add 2 CNAME records - Help :)

So I’m using Teachable, following this guide:

CNAME for @ and CNAME for www.

Can only add one but not both as the guide says. Any work around so I can add these two CNAMES?

Could you share a screenshot of your DNS records? (Omitting the IP/addresses column if you prefer)

My first guess would be you also have an A record somewhere which is preventing you from adding the same CNAME record. (They are mutually exclusive, they can’t have the same “Name” property.)
I tried with a testing domain and it does work for me: (utemo.ga was originally as entered as @ when creating the record.)

That is exactly the issue. But when I use @ for the CNAME, it’s normal to change it to the root domain? Normally in Namecheap it just stays showing “@.”

Sorry if you don’t mind, Teachable says:
Toggle the Proxy status to DNS only .

Any idea why? Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, that is normal to change to the root domain. Cloudflare automatically translates that.

Not exactly sure, I would say change it to DNS only and if it works just toggle the orange cloud back and wait an hour and then try and see if it works. If it does, leave it as is. If it doesn’t change it back to DNS only.

I might be something on their end as you also specify the domain name at their place and they might do a check if it actually points to their IP address. And with Cloudflare in-between that check will show a CF IP and not their own.

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