Teach me how to cache images that don't come from my domain

I bought a pro plan to use polish image, but it turned out that I couldn’t use it. Because I use google’s cloud storage.The url of the image will be something like this.


It makes it impossible to cache images. I feel helpless.I have a last final solution: cache everything from that domain by setting a cache rule.There are a lot of images, so I want to cache them with polish image.

Please help, I’ve been stuck for 4 days now, support tickets aren’t helping me much. Just mostly telling me my problems.

That’s not a solution. It’s not even possible. The other domain doesn’t use any Cloudflare account, let alone your Cloudflare account. This means that its data never transits though the Cloudflare proxy. The Cloudflare proxy cannot cache something that it never sees. No amount of support tickets can change that limitation.

In order for your cache rules to have any effect they need to be applied to resources that are served using your Cloudflare proxied domain name.

So what do you recommend? Come back and edit the google storage buckets, right?

If you are able to assign a custom hostname from your domain to them and if they will function properly when proxied, then perhaps. You will need to check the Google and Firebase documentation on that.

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