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I have a similar problem to the one posted on this thread a few years ago. Unfortunately, I have followed the advice in that thread to no avail.

I have MailPoet running on WordPress. It needs to run a cron job that appears to be being blocked. I set up a firewall rule to allow the URL Query String containing mailpoet_router&endpoint=cron_daemon but it is still not getting through.

The test URL https://heatherhollick.com/?mailpoet_router&endpoint=cron_daemon&action=ping should go to my home page, instead it goes to a Cloudflare page that perpetually says “Checking Browser…”

In looking at the Activity Log, it looks like one of the Managed Rules might also be handling this query. There is a regular entry where:
Action Take = Managed Challenge
Ruleset Name = Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots

Is this blocking my cron job? If so, how do I let it through? If not, where else can I look so that the MailPoet Task Scheduler will function?

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There you go. And that one’s tough to set up a bypass for. You could try adding your server’s IP address to Firewall → Tools as an Allow, but it’s best to run such functions locally.

How is your Task Scheduler configured? Visitors to your Site should be sufficient, as that’s how the rest of wp-cron runs.

Yes, the Task Scheduler is set to run with “Visitors to your Site.”

There is an option to use MailPoet’s own script, but it is still being blocked by the same Managed Challenge.

It could be that MailPoet, once its cron is kicked off, makes its own call to the site, and that’s being blocked.

Did you try this:

No luck. I created a rule to allow (even though my host is reporting my IP address as and the Managed Rule is still blocking the URI.

Actually, I tired both IP addresses, to no avail.

As I said, it’s hard to bypass Super Bot Fight Mode, which is why many people disable it. I’d love to use it, but it breaks too many other things I want to use.

Great advice. I didn’t realize that disabling the rule was an option.

Unfortunately, I don’t see how to disable Super Bot Mode. I am on the Pro Plan and the help docs say to go to Firewall / Bots. I have no configurable options on that page. I’ll keep working with Cloudflare to find it.

Never mind. Found it.

Try Firewall → Bots, and then this:

That did it!!! Yay!

Thank you so much for your patience and information.


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