Task Scheduler URL being blocked/protected by Cloudflare

I am using mailpoet v 3 plugin for setting up amazon ses for my site, but mailpoet can’t work because task scheduler connection is unsuccessful its because My Task Scheduler URL being blocked/protected by Cloudflare.

And the Mailpoet support says “you must find a way to whitelist this page in CloudFlare so MailPoet works again.”
So please help me how can i do that.
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can achieve this with a Firewall rule

Go to Firewall -> Firewall Rules, then create a Firewall rule like this, with your URL in the URL field, and then make the the action is “Allow”

Thanks for your response but it didn’t helped :slightly_frowning_face:

Go to the Overview tab and look for the requests you are making, double check that the URI shown there is correct. You could copy the URI path from the request and make a URI path rule for it. Or you could even look at the User-Agent and allow that specifically

Nothing here :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry, I meant the Overview tab within the Firewall section

You talking about this!?

For this request you could make a new firewall rule, copy the Query string from that request, and paste it into a new rule URI Query String equals and then paste it in the field, and then allow it

Like this!?

No, select URI query string instead of URI


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