Target custom domain to github pages

Hello guys,

I am trying to connect my custom domain, that is configured to cloudflrare’s nameservers, to target my github’s page. I have followed github’s guide adding CNAME in the repo and addning a CNAME record in cloudflare DNS.

You may find screenshots of the configuration:

Unfortunately, does not route to Instead, the browser redirects the other way around from to which is not served by anyone.

Any help?

The guide is followed is here: as follows:

You may also find the configuration in cloudflare as follows:

The antonakos domain isn’t using Cloudflare. It’s set to ztomy name servers.

If you can get the www CNAME working to show your Github content, you can certainly set up a Page Rule to redirect the non-www so it works.

Sorry @sdayman this was a typo.

I am trying to target to

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