Tapatalk WAF problem


We are using Tapatalk plugin for our forum. Tapatalk users cannot see forum If enabled WAF protection. JavaScript Challange cannot be passed.

Any idea ?



Thank you for asking.

May I ask could you share a screenshot of that JavaScript Challenge page, how does it look like? :thinking:

What comes to my mind would be to create a Page Rule for a particular URL pattern which uses TapTalk, like https://mydomain.com/something/chat/or-what-else/ and then select an option to disable WAF for it.

I don’t know which Cloudflare Plan are you using, should look like example from below:

Otherwise, if not Pro plan (has the option as on the above screenshot), then you could try with “Disable Security” - but I won’t recommend it.

Nevertheless, disabling security or WAF completly, might end-up some users could try to find out some vulnerabillity in your chat plugin and do some damage to the forum with XSS attack patterns, or SQLi, JavaScript code, etc. to enter the database and submit something.

Furthermore, a better approach might be, as you’d see any blocked or challenged request if you navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Security tab → Overview.
You can click on each rule (in a table-view below) and check the “Rule ID” - this rule you can disable individually instead of disabling Cloudflare WAF completly.
Therefore, navigate to the Managed Rules tab and find thar Rule by the “Rule ID” number and set the appropriate settings for that particular one(s).

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