#TANGODOWN SIte Offline AWS S3 + Cloudflare

Hey Guys, I really need some help!
My site is total offline typing the right name the domain www.virtualeestudio.com.br

few days ago after lost the host service, one person told me how my site was little and static to put it in amazon s3 that could be better and cheaper but I spent almost $USD 15,00 ( im my current currency have to multiply X 5.70 + 60% International tax )

I creat the bucket virtualeestudio.com ( read lotta tutorials there in amazon and here on cloud flare )
This no work: http://virtualeestudio.com.br.s3-website-us-west-1.amazonaws.com

after the second bucket www.virtualeestudio.com.br
This works : http://www.virtualeestudio.com.br.s3-website-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com


After tried the zoho mail to setup my emails with custom domain.

here on Cloudflare I put:

I dunno what to do … I spent all free put/get on amazon, deleted all things started from the scratch 3 times and nothing …

please could u help me?

You don’t have a ‘www’ record here at Cloudflare. Try creating a CNAME for ‘www’ that points to the www bucket.

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