Taking way too long to update nameservers

I have bought domain in Hostinger and tripple checked the nameservers that i changed as asked. Still waiting waiting ,three days passed all ready .

Help me out if you have any suggestions how can i fix that

What is the domain?

There are 2 extra nameservers set at your registrar. You need to have only the 2 Cloudflare nameservers listed…


Is it possible to make web and minecraft server on the same domain? That is what i am trying to do ,or maybe i will be able to that after my nameservers will be checked by cloudflare?

They can be on the same domain, but not the same hostname. I put mine on mc.example.com

yeah , im doing the same, puting mc before the host name on address. So for the website , i need to put also 2 nameservers in the dns . So the question is (and as far as I can understand )- the only way for cloudflare to check nameservers is to have only 2 nameservers on the domain (those they gave). And if i want to have website on the same domaib i need to put 2 more nameservers which website gave me. And the only way is to first let the cloudflare to update nameservers and then put in dns two more nameservers for the website?

Subdomains can have their own name servers:

I mean, technically this is correct, but you can use the hostname for a website and Minecraft (Java Edition) with SRV records. You’d still need to have an A record that on a subdomain that points to the MC server, but people wouldn’t need to use that directly.

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by giving a name for the nameservers that website gave me will make them as subdomains?
for example [type]NS[name]NS[nameserver]ns0.blablabla .net

Since you said your Minecraft hostname was “mc”, it would look like this:

And do the same for the one or two other name servers you need for the Minecraft server. Now when people look for the “mc” hostname in your domain, they’ll be directed to use those other name servers.

no, I am creating website for the server now and that platform wants me to connect nameservers to my domain provider. my domain provider is Hostinger, but they dont allow to add dns on custom Nameservers. THATS WHY i changed nameservers in Hostinger for Cloudflare and i want to add 2 more nameservers for the website I all ready made everything for minecraft ip adress. Now i want to have website on the same domain

help me out ,its not solved

You still have not removed the extra nameservers…

Whatever you want to do with the domain or subdomains, if you want to use Cloudflare then you must only have the 2 Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar.

i will delete those NS records, and what to do with nameservers that WIX gave me ? how to make them work ?

I assume you would do this…

i changed my A record as shown and created new CNAME record. will cloudflare now confirm nameservers or that CNAME again will block something?

You still need to remove the 2 extra nameservers. Until you do that, your domain will be pending with Cloudflare.

i have removed those NS records that was in before

OK, if deleted from the registrar you just need to wait for the .lt zone to be updated (it hasn’t yet, the nameservers are still showing on WHOIS as of now) and Cloudflare to see the change.