Taking Over hosting


My father recently passed away and I’m working on taking over his business’s website. I’ve worked through a few different avenues and finally found this hosting community (hi, again) that his domain seems to be hosted through. I’ve also seen things pop up for GoDaddy. All and all, I’m realizing I’m out of my league and want to know how to double check and take over his server admin.

I initially reached out to Wordpress and they said he had it on wordpress.org. I’ve also reached out to the person who created the site and it’s been 2+ years since he’d worked on it so I’m thinking it could be a bust there too.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

Cloudflare doesn’t host domains. It’s just a proxy/firewall/CDN for sites hosted elsewhere.

Do you have access to usernames, passwords, and email related to the website?

I have access to his email but I have not found anything that would allow me to push through to his website.

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