Taking down an out of date website

Hello, we need help!
I am volunteer website manager for a guild of craftsmen in UK. We have an old website under the name wgdc…org…uk whois gives servers as cloudfare
This website should have been taken down when our new one went live about 6 years ago but it wasn’t. I had only just joined the guild then and had nothing to do with old or new website.
Anyway, this old site is causing us a major headache as it comes up in seraches and all the info/links are out of date. It needs to go! We (the guild) are not paying to host this site but obviously someone is and I am trying to track down who. I’ve contacted previous web developers etc - in fact anyone I can think of incl. our old treasurer etc but have drawn a blank. Can you please suggest what I can do about this.

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For the obvious reasons of both privacy and security, Cloudflare cannot disclose any information about the account.

Historical financial records are a good place to start. You might also try sending email to the common role accounts, such as webmaster, hostmaster, postmaster, etc. The domain is registered using Internet Vikings. You might contact them to see if they could forward a message for you.

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