Taking blog off blogarama directory

I want to take off my website from the blogarama.com directory which is hosted by Cloudflare Inc. How can it be done?

I am afraid Cloudflare is not a hosting provider, yet.

Furthermore, just for better understanding:

  1. You want to remove the content from this domain
  2. You want to remove the domain from Cloudflare services
  3. 1st and 2nd

For 1st:
If you are the website/domain owner and have access to your hosting, you can delete it.

For 2nd:
If you are the domain owner, you can change nameservers back to your old ones, which were hopefully provided by your hosting provider, or to some other nameservers. That way, you will move out of Cloudflare and the domain will be removed in a short-time frame from Cloudflare account.
Therefore, if you have your domain at your Cloudflare account, you can remove it by selecting your domain from the list under your Cloudflare account and then clicking on the blue link “Remove Site from Cloudflare” at Cloudflare dashboard.


Kindly, take a look here before taking any action:

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