Taking back full control of cloudflare account

Hi, I work in a company that many years ago started to use Cloudflare services with the help of a partner.

Till today the partner pay directly the services to Cloudflare and in turn it will charge us.

We’ve an account that is Super Administrator - All Privileges. So currently we have no technical limitations.

By the time the number of services and the importance of them is increased. Today thery are critical to us and we as company we’d like to have the full and direct control.

What’s the best way to pursue our needs?


I am not sure but may create a new account, transfer your domain to that account by changing nameservers and then purchase the necessary services

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SuperAdmin gives you the technical ability to control everything. I would work with a business development/ sales person to price & scope the services you want and need and then work with the partner on what, if any, account membership / integration changes might be required.


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