Takeover of my Domain

I shut down my DigitalOcean server for a bit while I rework the code. Cloudflare told me when it went offline a month ago. This evening I received an alert saying it’s back online. I check the domain and now it’s routings to a Ubiquiti account.

My domain is with Cloudflare as well as DNS.

I’m thinking someone hijacked it from Cloudflare since I haven’t touched anything in over a month.

My plan doesn’t have support tickets.

Please help!


Nobody hijacked it from Cloudflare. You abandoned it and someone with the same name server pair as you most likely noticed this and added it to their account. The name servers should always point to something that works, which is why Cloudflare warned you about this a month ago. This is true with any domain setup anywhere.

See if you can re-add it to your account.

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