Takeover exisiting domain from DNS registration

Want to take this from EuroDNS because the website builder does not want tor provide login, and he is not the owner of the site or its content. Main reason : not https

Owner : Ivan, is different from the
Web site builder : Mike , has not been responding for weeks for name server change request
I have arranged the diamantradio.eu with a CNAME that works to let it work for redirect to diamantradio.it (via a trick to an intermediate host that has a real redirect to diamantradio.it, because my original question to add the 4 CNAME records of .eu to the host with .it domain was also ignored or denied)

Still need to let it work with Cloudflare for making https to work and requested to this Mike to change the nameservers to those of Cloudflare, as he would not let me or Ivan give access to DNS records of diamantradio.it

For diamantradio.eu I was able to take over this domain from a failing IT provider via https://eurid.eu, and got the authorisation code
but this procedure is not possible for an .it domain

How can we arrange this the easiest way?


If Ivan is the actual owner of the domain, it would also be Ivan’s account that would be able to make the name server change through the domain registrar.

If you have lost access to a domain, but you believe you’re the rightful party for it, some domains/TLD’s have the possibility to make a legal dispute.

Regarding the possibility and whatsoever for .IT domains, you would need to look through NIC.IT / REGISTRO.IT.

To me, it sounds like you are mixing up the roles of Ivan and Mike?

The domain is currently with EuroDNS (registrar), as well as running on name servers with EuroDNS. If Ivan does not hold the actual account on EuroDNS where the domain name reside on their end, then Ivan isn’t the one considered the actual owner of the domain name.

Alone as the “website builder”, Mike shouldn’t have become the owner of the website, and if Mike isn’t the owner, you don’t need Mike to make the changes above, but simply need Ivan.

“Easiest way” would depend on your definition of such, however what I believe you to believe to be the “easiest way” would no longer be possible, if Mike actually stands as the owner / registrant of the domain name in question, in which case, you’re left behind with the legal options above.

None of this has any relation to Cloudflare, and as such, won’t be anything that Cloudflare can assist you with.

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