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Contacted Cloudflare numerous times. They have not responded.

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I don’t know

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

Unrelated site submitted a photoshopped screenshot stating the URL I have registered with Cloudflare is attempting to phish user data from Instagram. Cloudflare, immediately put a warning message on my URL so when anyone accesses it it says “Warning. Suspected Phishing Website. Learn More || Ignore and proceed”. The domain I have registered with Cloudflare simply redirects to my personal Instagram.com URL (Cloudflare can effortlessly see this). My IG account is set to private so if someone tries to access it, who is not logged in, it “Instagram.com” will ask them to log in. If they didn’t chop the address bar off of their “evidence” (attached) you would clearly be able to see their URL and SSL cert.

I find it wildly unnerving that a third party can cripple your URL/brand by submitting photoshopped evidence and that my own registrar will blindly accept it as fact and strongarm my URL without even taking two second to look into it. I have been contacting support for over a month now. No help has been provided at all.

Screenshot of the error

The domain isn’t example.com - I just didn’t want to post my URL here publicly.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Rather than dragging an unrelated real domain
into your issue, you may want to use example.com in the future, since it is reserved for that purpose.

While the situation you describe should be very simple to diagnose, it can only be done by Cloudflare Trust and Safety. If you already contacted them as directed, the only thing that can be done is to wait for it to be reviewed by that team.

No one in Cloudflare support or the Community has visibility into issues that are being handled by Trust and Safety and there is nothing that anyone here can do to expedite that process.

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No way to edit post or I would have removed it. I have already contacted them numerous times as stated. Thank you for the helpful reply.


It’s fine. I just wanted to offer you an alternative for the future.

I’m sorry that there isn’t anything the Community can provide that will help you get this resolved any sooner. Hopefully it will be completed for you soon.

@larrylupe you may want to contact your hosting provider and see if they can check your origin server for that redirect to instagram. I don’t see any evidence of it on your dash.

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The issue is directly with the registrar, in this case, Cloudflare. Within a couple hours of posting this they looked into the issue and resolved it almost immediately. This should have been the first step, not the last. Unacceptable.

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