Tail -f your Cloudflare Logs

Hiya Cloudflare peeps!

I wanted easier access to my Cloudflare logs and figured other people may too so I built Logflare.

With Logflare you can easily tail your Cloudflare (or any) logs for free. We only keep 1000 per source but you can create up to 100 sources and route special log entries to one of those with regex. Good for keeping track of signups, bots or anything else important.

Here I am matching against ‘googlebot’ and sending all those logs to the ‘Cloudflare.Worker.example.googlebot’ source. I then requested a crawl and am watching googlebot hit my site in realtime.

Everything is open sourced on Github: https://github.com/Logflare/

Let me know if this is useful :slight_smile: Happily taking feature requests! Hopefully will get this in the Cloudflare app store at some point.


That’s impressive!


Just a heads-up. The link to https://logflare.app in the GitHub repository is misspelled to https://loglare.app. Great product though!

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Thanks! Fixed!!

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