Tagmanager like feature

Just like page rules,
pixel manager {tag manager} like feature to insert scripts would be great feature

1.insert Cloudflare analytics [free]
2.insert security scripts like wordfence {free}
3.insert any 1 custom scripts {facebook} {google analytics} {ad networks} etc
additional script insertion in paid plan

Have you tried out Cloudflare Zaraz? It enables you to do much of what you are looking for, without having to embed the actual third party scripts, and the privacy implications of those scripts.

zaraz is very close to what im expecting
Need a better common name when it comes out of beta
like “Cloudflare Scripts”

now, that zaraz is sufficient for inserting tracking scripts etc
it would be better if theres another product “Cloudflare ads”
and adslot manager for website, mobile apps etc with sdk

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