Tagging Zones/Domains

Would be really nice to be able to tag each zone/domain that is setup (and be able to tag it from the API as well). Then the UI can search domains by tag.

This is useful when several domains pertain to a particular project, it helps management of those groups of domains by being able to quickly search for the domains tagged with that keyword.

The API implementation of this is even more useful when doing complex setups where you might want to relate domains to internal data and make it easy to get all zone info related to that data.

Thanks for sharing. Can you also give some more detail on your unique needs? How many zones are you working with?

I’d like this feature too. Seems odd it doesn’t exist!

Will be dealing with hundreds to thousands of zones

@ryan Here’s a screenshot - really your basic dropdown search menu UI is just not quite cutting it when you have many zones. It makes the assumption that you always know what zone you are looking for, doesn’t really allow overview and management of many zones. Could really really be improved here if you wanted to make Cloudflare even more bada** than it is :joy:

I realize this request is quite old but I’d also really like to see this. Being able to organize/group/tag domains/zones would be incredibly useful even on my smaller account with only 19 domains. I imagine it would be even more beneficial with dozens or hundreds. Thanks!

We are managing over 200 zones which are spread across 10+ projects. This feature will allow us to perform some automation tasks like purge cache for multiple zone when for example new application release is deployed.

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