Tagging DNS records and Maintenance mode to block out "unreachable" notifications

I quite like the new “host unreachable” notification Cloudflare, thanks for introducing it.

On this occasion it occurred whilst I was patching my DEV servers.

Can I make a feature suggestion:

  • The ability to tag DNS hostnames with a certain environment (e.g. DEV, STAGING, PROD etc)
  • Toggle a certain environment or individual hostname as in maintenance mode
  • Untoggle the same once

The idea being that if there’s an outage whilst an environment is in maintenance mode that it’s not alerted upon.


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It would appear there is a third party Cloudflare application for the maintenance mode


Thank you for your suggestion. Edgy looks like a maintenance mode banner but it doesn’t mention anywhere about bypassing host unavailable notifications which is what I’m asking for.

I would assume it returns a 200, so your monitor wouldnt consider that as outage.