TagDiv theme issues

Hello, three days ago I received a message from Cloudflare, but unfortunately, I didn’t have time to read it and now I can’t seem to locate it. Since then, something strange has occurred with my website. I use a TagDiv theme, and suddenly, the header has vanished from my website https://alightmotionapkdl.com/. Additionally, when I navigate to my website’s cloud templates, I encounter a blank screen.

I reached out to TagDiv, and they suggested that the issue might be due to Rocket Loader installed on Cloudflare. However, I don’t recall installing it. I also contacted my hosting company, but they indicated that the problem lies with Cloudflare.

I’m feeling quite perplexed as nobody seems to provide a clear explanation for what’s happening. I haven’t made any recent changes to my site, yet these issues started surfacing three days ago.

If anyone has any insights or assistance to offer, I would greatly appreciate it.

Were you able to resolve this @zareenau0786?

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