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It’s possible add Google tag manager on the cloudflare?
My WordPress it is a premium.

Google Tag Manager is something you have to configure with Google Analytics and on your hosted site. You could do it through Cloudflare Apps, but it’s best to do it yourself on your site.

Hi, sdayman. Thanks for the answer. My WordPress is a premium, not a business. Can i do by myself on my website without a plugin?

I’m not sure where you’re getting Premium or Business WordPress, but it should let you use Google Analytics features, such as Tag Manager.

Okay, I’m trying to install the Facebook pixel but I can’t find the Head and body of my website to insert the tag manager html. Do you know what I can do about it?

That sounds different from Google Tag Manager.

HEAD and BODY are sent from the website on your server.

This is not a Cloudflare feature - Cloudflare does not change the content of your pages (unless you have something like workers).

You have to look on your WP setup on how to add the Google Tag to and then go to the Google Tag Manager page to add the Facebook Pixel there.

But as I said, nothing to do with Cloudflare.

Thank you, Freitas :+1:t3:

Thank you, sdayman :+1:t3:

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