System Asked Me To Update NameServer, In Fact Im Already Done with it

This is not my first time using cloudflare services as dns.

But the problem i got for this domain is very strange.

Cloudflare system always asked me to change nameserver, While i do have change it and see that it has been update…

However, im trying to re-added this domain to cloudflare, perhaps there are missconfigure in system. Guess what? The problem is persist. I dont have any idea how to solve this problem…

I have try different IP, different PC with Different OS and browser, and still get a same problem. The domain name cant be opened.

Anyone who has any thaught, please help.

Thank you!

Your domain has been suspended by the registry.

You need to contact your registrar.

Would you please let me know. How do you determine that my domain has been suspended ?
Anyway, thanks for fast reply :slight_smile:

It is listed as your domain’s status.

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