Syntax to open cloudflare tunnel for Windows Svr & interface


Anyone got syntax (with ACTUAL example) on how to open a tunnel on Windows using Powershell? I have asked support five times but they refuse to give it to me. On cloudflare website is only Linux examples, no Windows Powershell examples,.

im looking for the actual code to enter (with NO rubbish like " replace [hostname] with your host" , i want to see actual code so i can figure WHAT goes WHERE).

What is the point of support if they don’t SUPPORT their product?

Why can’t Cloudflare make a Windows interface to control tunnels and the cloudflared.exe service so i don’t have to screw around entering codes and putting files at blah locations and asking stupid questions like this one?, its 2018 ! NOT 1995! If anyone is aware of a Windows interface please tell me.