Syntax error in domain, to many dots

I have got this following domain names. But cannot add.
Error “Syntax error in domain, to many dots.”

You don’t need to. Those two are assigned to a couple of websites in your account, another is assigned adrian & venkat. Use just the two assigned to each website.

To add this two website I need to add them or change the server name from cpanel.But I got the error

Those are not websites they are nameservers. Those would be entered at your registrar not in CPANEL at your hosting provider.

thats it but I cannot add them. Errormessage :: Syntax error in domain, to many dots. :

Not cpanel. Registrar.

What is the domain?

From c-pannel I got the option to addon domain
andadddomainnameoptionbut when i insertthe domainname is shosan error messae “” Syntax error in domain, to many dots.

These are not ‘domains’ to be added cpanel, so the fact cpanel is throwing an error for something you don’t need to add there isn’t an issue. Add the assigned nameservers in the correct place - at your registrar.

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Actually I am looking for a free SSL certificate for my domain name. Can youtell mehow can I do it

Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates.


They donot provide free SSL Certificate :frowning:

They changed their entire business model?!?!

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NOT changed it as the same. they don’t give ssl free

Issuing free domain validated TLS certificates is the only service Let’s Encrypt provides.


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